Burning Amp BA-3 Power Amplifier

Designed by Nelson Pass. Class A push-pull power amplifier with no feedback and no voltage gain, only current gain. To be driven by BA-3 Front End. About 40W for 8 Ohm speakers. more for 4 Ohm. More details on First Watt website.

Output and Bias boards
Bias boards completed
Output boards completed
Power Supply board completed
Output boards on heatsinks
Back panel
Transformators arrived
Power Supply level 1
Power Supply level 2
Power Supply level 2
Building in progress
Building in progress


  • Rails: +/- 30VDC under load

  • DC Offset: < 1mV (< 30mV cold)


  • Complimentary Output (BA-2) boards from diyAudio Store

  • BA-3 Front End in a separate chassis

  • Dual mono implementation

  • 2 x 400VA transformer from Toroidy - 230V primary, 2x22V secondary

  • 8 x 22000uF in PSU

  • Deluxe 4U chassis (Hi-Fi 2000)

  • Matched MOSFETs from Hannes

Last update: 10.12.2016.

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