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Burning Amp BA-3 Power Amplifier

Designed by Nelson Pass. Class A push-pull power amplifier with no feedback and no voltage gain, only current gain. To be driven by BA-3 Front End. About 40W for 8 Ohm speakers. more for 4 Ohm. More details on First Watt website.


  • Rails: +/- 30VDC under load

  • DC Offset: < 1mV (< 30mV cold)


  • Complimentary Output (BA-2) boards from diyAudio Store

  • BA-3 Front End in a separate chassis

  • Dual mono implementation

  • 2 x 400VA transformer from Toroidy - 230V primary, 2x22V secondary

  • 8 x 22000uF in PSU

  • Deluxe 4U chassis (Hi-Fi 2000)

  • Matched MOSFETs from Hannes

Last update: 10.12.2016.

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