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Burning Amp BA-3 Front End

Designed by Nelson Pass. Class A pre-amplifier without negative feedback loop. More details on First Watt website.


  • Rails: +/- 25VDC

  • JFETs current: 8mA

  • R10: 1V, R11: 1V


  • Complimentary Front End (BA-3) board from diyAudio Store

  • Power Supply in a separate chassis

  • Super Regulator board from diyAudio Store

  • Galaxy 2U chassis from Hi-Fi 2000

  • Matched Toshiba JFETs from FET Audio

  • Matched Toshiba 2SK2013/2SJ313 MOSFETs

  • Ladder type 25k stepped attenuator based on Seiden 4 pole 23 way switch and Nickel-Chromium thin film resistors 1/4W 0.1%

  • ELMA 4 pole 6 way input selector switch

  • Jensen JT-11P-1 line input transformers



Last update: 24.06.2017.

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