Burning Amp BA-3 Front End

Designed by Nelson Pass. Class A pre-amplifier without negative feedback loop. More details on First Watt website.

Front view
Front view
Main PCBs
Main PCBs
Main PCBs
Main PCBs completed
Stepped attenuator
Line input transformers
Super Regulator PCB
Super Regulator PCB completed
Back panel
Chassis inside
Chassis inside
Chassis inside
Power supply board
Power supply
Power supply
Power supply
Power supply


  • Rails: +/- 25VDC

  • JFETs current: 8mA

  • R10: 1V, R11: 1V


  • Complimentary Front End (BA-3) board from diyAudio Store

  • Power supply in a separate chassis shared with Pearl 2 and Technics SL-1200 turntable

  • Super Regulator board from diyAudio Store

  • PSU board from diyAudio Store

  • Galaxy 2U chassis from Hi-Fi 2000

  • Matched Toshiba JFETs from FET Audio

  • Matched Toshiba 2SK2013/2SJ313 MOSFETs

  • Ladder type 25k stepped attenuator based on Seiden 4 pole 23 way switch and Nickel-Chromium thin film resistors 1/4W 0.1%

  • ELMA 4 pole 6 way input selector switch

  • Jensen JT-11P-1 line input transformers



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